Questions from library import into some forms but not all

When I try to drag a question from the library, the options labels are empty (see screenshot). When I create a new form, however, the question imports from the library with no issues, so it seems the issue is not with the xls form, but some incompatibility with the question and my main form. Any suggestions?

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When I create a new project and drag the same question from the library, this happens:

Welcome to the community @sassalami! Could you outline the exact steps you followed so that we could try it at our end.

Thank you! I have made some progress in figuring out the issue. I set the language of the original form to Spanish, so when I uploaded the question without specifying the language of the labels it seems the GUI did not recognize the label.s.

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community! It should be very helpful for those with similar issues.