Questions not showing up on tablets

We are testing our survey on tablets and not all of the questions are showing up on the tablets. Does someone have a suggestion? I am wondering if we need to download the android app to use instead of the internet link, or if there are other ideas we should try, too. Thanks.

Hi @globalbike, can you see all of the questions in a PC?
Some of the questions might have relevant conditions, see help article: Adding Skip Logic — KoboToolbox documentation


Yes, the computer version works very well, just not the tablets.

The skip logic is working perfectly on the computer so I don’t think it’s that. I’m wondering if we need to just use the kobotoolbox collect app, but we’re having trouble figuring that out as well, how to get the survey uploaded on the app.

@globalbike, maybe you could share your XLSForm with the community and let the community know which questions do not appear in the app. The community could then test it for you.