Random Submission Not Submitted to Rest Service


On one of our in use Surveys on the Kobo Humanitarian service, we discovered a single form submission that was not sent out via the Rest-Service set up. I’ve been unable to find anything unique about this form submission that would cause it not to be transmitted.

Steps to Reproduce

I am unable to reproduce the issue, which is part of the problem.

Expected behavior

I expect Every form submission to be transmitted to the configured Rest Service

Actual behavior

One specific submission does not show up in the list of sent submissions on the Rest Service, and my receiving service does not show it in the logs.

Not in this list anywhere

@joshworkman, did you mean all the other submissions were successful while one submission was not successful?

@Kal_Lam, sort of.

I mean that every other submission shows that it attempted to send it to the rest-service, except for one which doesn’t show up anywhere in the logs.

So, it’s not that it failed, it’s that it didn’t even try to send that one submission.

@Kal_Lam, this is an urgent issue that has occurred again on another submission.

Do you have any suggestions or guidance on how to proceed, or debugging steps?

Hi @joshworkman, I have raised the issue with the team and we will investigate. If the matter is urgent, I suggest resubmitting the data associated with those submissions so that they will (hopefully) be sent to your external server by the REST Service. If there is a bug on our end, it won’t necessarily be patched on your urgent timeline and will only affect future submissions.

To resubmit the data, you can enter it back into a form manually or do it through the API. If you need assistance with the API, then I can help.

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Thanks @Josh . I’ve made a quick utility to manually import submissions using the API, which works well if we know which submission was missed. Our concern is that we may not notice a missed submission in time.

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Hi @joshworkman that’s great! We will investigate the REST Service problem in the meantime so that this won’t be a persistent issue.

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