Ranking the items with repeat group

i want to design a form where I want to select the food items consumed, the reasons for consumption and then rank the reasons for consumptions for each food item select. I have tried in the following way (please find the attachment). during the first repeat, everything is fine but the problems comes during the second repeat. In second repeat, I am not able to rank the reasons (I am able to select the reasons but not able to rank them)test - Copy.xls (38.5 KB)

also suggest me if there is another way to achieve the objective.

Linking this post with your other post (for documentation):

Dear Kal_lam

The problem continues as usual in the 2nd repeat. There are no problems in the first repeat.

In the 2nd repeat group, I am not able to rank the selected reasons.

Thank you

Dear Kal_lam

the form that you have suggested and the form that I have uploaded are same.
Please deploy the form, you will understand my concern.
Thank you

Please confirm the following

  1. Does it work on KoBoCollect?
  2. Does it work on ODK Collect?
  3. Does it work on Enketo?
  4. Does it work on Preview?


Dear Stephanealoo, I have deployed the form in Kobo collect and it is working fine.
The issue which i have specified in the query is happening when previewing the form and in enketo.