Receiving a deploy error message after editing a form

Hi team,
I have been developing a questionnaire form using Kobo toolbox software and tried whether deploying is working or not. It worked.
After I deployed the first version, however, I made few edits to the first version and tried to redeploy the form. I couldn’t redeploy the form, receiving an error (500) message.
Now, I can not even see the questions when I click the grouping button, couldn’t make further editing either.
Any help please,

Could you kindly share with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hi Kal,
Thank you for the swift response.
My username is: xxxxxxx
Project name: My MM Project
Server name:

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@fantuabebe, when looking at your xlsform, I see nothing except the begin_group and end_group:

Did you create this survey project through form builder UI or did you use an xlsform for it?

What does it mean? The contents under column “c” are correct.
How would you help me?

I created the form using the builder UI

I did not see any questions in the form builder UI too …

Did you have questions in this project previously? Besides, i do not find any history of this survey project.

Yes, all the questions are hidden while grouping

It is a new project that its data will be collected soon

So you mean, you had questions and then when you grouped all the questions got lost?

No, I can see the question on the android mobile phone which the form was already deployed

OK, will check it out in mine too. In the mean time could you also share with us a screenshot of your android app where the questions are visible?

not sure how to take a picture of the contents on the mobile screen

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Well I could see some questions while connecting my device to your user account. Will take a deeper look at it and reach you back. Till then please do not touch the survey project. It should help us investigate your issue.

Thank you!
Okay I will not do anything on it

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@fantuabebe, will reach you back when the issue is solved. Thank you for reporting this issue in the community.

Thank you,
look forward to hearing from you the sooner.

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Hi Kal,
Hope all is well.
The fact that I am planning to start the data collection on Monday (22nd March), I visited this page many times for your feedback.
I am thinking to use the already deployed version (unrevised) as we may be unable timely to fix the problem.
Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

@fantuabebe, we are still investigating your case. I will reach you back soon when we have a solution for it.