Redirected to blank page when trying to edit a record (most of the time)


I have a form with 115 submissions of a relatively large survey. I found a typo in one of the records I would like to correct in the web version. Table View > click on edit “pencil” icon. Instead of loading the form in edit version, it most of the times opens a new back type, with url “about:blank”. Reloading it does nothing. The same happens if I clikc on the “eye icon” (view mode) and then on “edit”. Most of the time this is re-directing to a blank page, but occasionally (aprox 2/10 attempts) the record loads and I can edit it.

Is this a server issue? Something we can do about it?

Cheers and thanks,

@amastretta, could you also let us know the following (so that the community can troubleshoot your issue):

  • the server you are using
  • the total number of questions you have in your project
  • the browser you are using

A screenshot of the blank screen would also be helpful!


Server: Non-Humanitarian Server
Number of questions: 681 (most are not answered, the form has plenty of conditionals)
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 109.4

Blank page looks like:


681 questions is a lot of questions. You could get a loading error even when trying to fill up a new form with this large number of questions.