Referencing both unique and repeated IDs

Dear Kobo users,
I can successfully pull unique household IDs and repeated IDs for land parcels. However, when I try to test the form, the entries work well by pulling household ID plus all parcel IDs for that household. For subsequent entries, parcels Ids for the first household are always pulled even when unique household IDs are different. Can you please help me on how to resolve this. I have start field work next week but I am stuck now.


Welcome back to the community, @ebizimungu! Would you mind sharing with the community your xlsform so that the community would be able to help you out?

Dear Kal_Lam,

Thank you for your quick response. Please see attached my xlsform.


form.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Please also see attached the csv files upon which pulling is based.


baseline.csv (838 Bytes)

pcels.csv (981 Bytes)

@ebizimungu, looking at your relevant column I see the expression incomplete i.e. ${HhID}:

Try completing it and it should solve your issue.

Dear Kal_Lam,

I managed to resolve the issue. It is now working well. Thanks for the efforts to help me resolve the issue.

Thanks and best regards.

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@ebizimungu, glad to know it solved your issue.