Referencing data from multiples forms

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to create a form for registering a center and generating a center ID and then having other forms referencing the centers that have been created using the center registration form in the form of a drop down list?

How can i implement this type of flow in Kobotoolbox please?

Hi @Jumai,

Welcome to the community! Are you looking something that has been described in the following support articles:

Article: Pull Data () functionality in KoBoToolbox

Article: Select one or many from external file question type


Hi Kal,

Thanks for your response. I have gone through both links but they do not satisfy the data flow process i am trying to implement. Both options presuppose that i should already have my data in hand and then upload that as a .csv file which really isn’t what i would like to do.

I would like to have a registration form that creates centers and center ids(thereby creating a center database for centers inside kobotoolbox) which can then be referenced by other forms. Can this be done using kobotoolbox?

Hi @Jumai,

KoBoToolbox at the moment does not offer this feature. Maybe you could post your new request in the Suggestion Box.


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