Release Notes - April 23, 2019


The deployment on April 23, 2019 included the following new features, updates, and bug fixes on The same code will be subsequently deployed to in the coming weeks.

A complete and detailed list of updates since the last release can be found here.

New Features

  • CORS is now configurable in the Django admin interface, for those administering their own instances of KoBoToolbox

Key Improvements

  • Simplified KoBoCAT user deletion process #2235

  • Updated Pyxform to 0.13.1. #2236 | pyxform release

  • ‘My Library’ now shows counts for questions and blocks in addition to counting collections #2221

  • Note question types to show read_only as a visible property #2202

  • Group labels are now editable in the formbuilder #2199

  • Upgraded Python dependencies #197

  • Support added for location in audit feature #253

  • Support for excel workbook with macro enabled #252

  • Allow the deletion of validation status, both single and multiple at once #525

  • Allow CSV format from detail API endpoint #505

  • Replaced safe filter with URLencode filter in BriefCase API template #506

Bug Fixes

  • Removed excessive white space from Settings page, putting archive and delete buttons back in view #2238

  • On the UNHCR server, uploading a new xlsform, then replacing the form twice before deploying caused a Server 500 error #2205

  • Scroll error when using form builder with large groups in Firefox #2226

  • Validation status corrections #2196

  • Map was not being shown after leaving map view to view another page and then returning to the Map #2212

  • Celery upgrade fixes stuck exports issue #2178

  • Multiple appearance values are now supported with table-list #61

  • UnicodeEncodeError when uploading non-ASCII attachment filenames #547

  • Occurrences of duplicate submissions when using the BriefCase API #512

  • Thumbnails are not created properly and they could be saved with wrong file extension #540 #528

  • Not possible to edit submissions in eneketo when using KoBoCAT in debug mode #537

  • Attachment images are broken in KPI gallery #538

  • S3 attachment redirect does not require authentication #502