Release Notes - February 14, 2019 (HHI) / March 13, 2019 (OCHA)



The deployment on February 14, 2019 included the following updates and bug fixes on The same code was subsequently deployed to on March 13, 2019.

New and Improved Features :

  • Formpack upgrade

  • Always display translation box, even when there is no languages

  • 2-step user deletion process created for admins.

  • Survey rows (for table columns) are always included - even if all current submissions have no values

  • Formbuilder now supports read_only in question settings

  • Question hints are shown in question label

  • Enable file and range question types

  • Range Questions parameters are visible outside of question settings

  • Update to Django 1.8.19

  • Display accepted file types for ‘file’ question type

  • Password strength meter in registration form

  • Password strength messages are offered in all translations, instead of just English

  • Account menu is scrollable and language menu toggles on click

  • Ensure urls end with a trailing slash when needed in KPI

  • Rename "Replace project" to "Replace form"

  • Updates to favicons

  • New label and icon for barcode question type in formbuilder

  • In select_one options, formbuilder will display "Unlabelled" in place of missing label

  • Archive and Delete Project buttons now displayed in Project Settings page

  • Further REST enhancements

  • Supported browsers are set explicitly

  • Improvements to feature that allows replacing project with template

  • Add Guidance Hints to formbuilder

  • KoBo logo button now goes back to Library List if you create/edit questions, blocks or templates in Question Library

  • Always show group separator

  • Add error notification for failing to delete/update permissions

  • Ranking and Rating questions are no longer labeled as beta

  • New management commands to shrink big tables

  • Hide "Language" column for SPSS exports

  • Users directed to form landing page after cloning

  • Add reference to two-letter language code in translations modal

  • Extended ‘deleterevisions’ management command to handle chunks

  • Update pyxform to v0.12

  • New "read more" URL for adding new languages

  • Update checkboxes and radios

Bug Fixes

Fixes for the following bugs are included in this release:

  • unicode() method returns months instead of minutes

  • User should be able to edit question and option labels without having to click more than once

  • "Unarchive" button still shown after unarchiving

  • Nested repeated group breaks submission detail view

  • Can’t delete deployed project until previous deletion completes

  • Not able to display reports with no grouping, after choosing the ‘group by’ option

  • Filtering and sorting by status of validation does not work in Table View

  • Display error notification on authentication errors

  • Can’t reach Logout link on mobile

  • Trying to preview a form from landing page returns a "Bool not iterable" error

  • Extra whitespace in "Create project" modal

  • Public collection icon does not always reflect permissions

  • Crash when clicking menu icon while viewing account settings

  • Fix Error: No PostCSS Config when building

  • Do not strip HTML from labels in Form Builder

  • Question block not displaying fully in form editor

  • Registration screen does not show terms on mobile devices

  • Update and fix react-cookie

  • Searching for user makes unnecessary calls

  • 500 error when trying to deploy non-survey asset

  • Fix migration conflict caused by waiting too long

  • Create autoreport even when non-numeric value exists in numeric field

  • User with change_xform ("Can edit") cannot delete submissions via API