Removing Language in the Project Dasboard

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all fine.
I have set “French (fr)” as language in a Project Dasboard. I would like to remove the language (not to change it) in order to return back to the previous state : “This project has no languages defined yet”.

I have no more labels display in the exported data to XLS format.

Thank you soo much for helping me solving this issue.

@i_ousmane, you could delete them through the form builder UI as outlined in the support article Adding Another Language in the Project Dashboard or alternatively also remove the same through the xlsform as outlined in the support article Adding Another Language to your XLSForm.

Thank You so much.

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Hello, but this will only allow me to add an additional language and make it my default language so that I can remove the first language. Is there any way I can remove the default language without having to add an additional one and make it the default one?

@basselalkan, KoboToolbox should be able to automatically take the language that is in your project as default language if you don’t add any additional language to your survey project.