Repeat groups not to show already filled options

Dear Team,
I have built an xlsform where users are collecting data at a HH level and at child level. Every form is a HH and based on the number of children, the user will loop each child to collect their information as well.
I already have the list of the caregivers and children, which shows to the users. My issue is on the child level. When the user is done filling in for the first child, and starts at the second, I dont want them to see the child already filled.
Is it possible in xlsform?
If it is, kindly support

Hi @thomaschula, As far as i know there is a direct solution for you request but there is a work around but i am not sure if it is working in Kobo Collect you need to test it. First you need to change your form style to Multiple page or Grid theme + Multiple page and after that in the group question setting, you need to choose Field-list (show all questions in this group on same scree option.). All questions will appear one by one unless they are a repeat group question.

a73DJBGBcdDouEPM83biMq (1).xlsx (6.6 KB)

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