Repeat Section Data are not available for download

Repeat section data are not showing up in the table, not even in the exported csv or xlsx file. But they can be viewed from individual records. Is there any other way these data can be downloaded or is it a bug for repeat sections?

Hi @auvi2229,

Welcome to the community! Yes, at the moment the user is not able to view the repeated group data in Reports or Table. Nor can it be seen while downloading the data in CSV format. However, it can be viewed and used while downloading the data in the XLS format. While downloading the data in XLS format you will see a main dataset in one sheet while the repeated group dataset in the other sheet (with the name of the variable that you provided for the repeat group question).

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Dear Kal_Lam,
How do I merge the repeat group and to the main data after downloading it in XLS format? Kindly suggest, Vlook up is not working as we have several repeat per group. Find example attached.aibb5ucaUerDk3GBebzwqN_2019_07_16_10_58_19.xlsx (50.1 KB)

Hi @abdulsamad,

You could merge the variables from sheet 1 to the information to sheet 2 by matching the identifier variable as _index. Please note your main dataset has a total of 110 cases while your roster information (the one with the repeat group i.e. sheet 2) has a total of 152 cases. The repeated information is seen in the variable _parent_index.

Apart from MS Excel, you could also merge your dataset as stated above using third party software such as SPSS, STATA etc.

Thank you Kal_Lam!!!

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You can also merge your data using power pivot in excel for analysis using dependencies, i guess.

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