Responses in two options boxes merge when exporting to Excel

I have a large survey which has exported to excel fine except for one question mid-way through. It is a select multiple answers question with 8 options - two of them, when exported to excel, have merged into a single column with the title of one of the options.
To be more specific, it is a question about toilet use - the options “canal” and “shared flush/pour to sewer system” when selected all export as if “canal” was selected - clearly not useful!
I have checked back in the survey and they are definitely separate options.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any fix?

Hi @cr_research_team100,

Welcome to the community! Looking at your case would recommend you to check out the value and the label for that particular variable to see if it is an error made there during the questionnaire designing phase (in KoBoToolbox).

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