REST Services transactions not getting posted


REST services list for this form is not getting updated for a form. Here’s a screenshot of the current display:

The transactions being shown as ‘Pending’ have been completed. This has been confirmed on our server where the REST service request is sent.

Also, there have been additional submissions (after 7:06 pm, time of last REST service request shown above), as can be seen in the screenshot below - it is from the table display in the Data tab of the form:


REST service requests for these submissions have also been confirmed as completed.

Is anyone else facing this problem?

@Kal_Lam, can you and the support team please check this?


I’m not quite having the same issue, but POST requests are not being sent upon form submission on a new form I was working on. I then went to check on a form where the REST Services had been working for months, which didn’t send POST requests either.

@yoshi, we have the same issue, i.e. REST service POST requests are not being sent upon form submission for any form!!

Did not have this issue when I first opened this topic.

@Kal_Lam, can the support team please help…this is very urgent!

thank you

Dear @Kal_Lam, can the support team please look into this issue. Am sending you this message 'cause its very urgent. Thanks.

we have the same issue

I have changed the name of this topic. The earlier topic name was “REST services transactions list not getting updated”. However, the situation has changed, there is a more critical and urgent issue now, viz. REST service requests are not being POSTed at all!

@aaj, @yoshi, @syawal-bakti, could you kindly please let us know the server you are using? We could then investigate.

The global server for us -

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how to check ?

@syawal-bakti, you can just share with us your login link and we could identify it for you.

i am login at : KoboToolbox @Kal_Lam

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Any update regarding this issue?

Hello @Kal_Lam, is there any update on fixing the REST service POST problem? Form submissions are on hold for us, because essential post submissions’ processing happens on our server after POST. Thanks.

I am on the kf server as well.

@Kal_Lam, sorry to bother you again, but any update on the REST service POST request problem on the global (kf) server?

I’m facing the same issue right now, this is seems like was I faced last year ago:

I using

It is the same issue @admin_landasan, I was in that conversation as well. This time, for me, the problem started in a different way (my first few posts in the current topic), and so ended up becoming this new topic.

REST service POSTs have not yet resumed…its been two days now. @Kal_Lam, again requesting the support team to please kindly help with this issue?


The topic has evolved from “REST services transactions list not getting updated” to a more urgent concern: “REST service requests are not being successfully POSTed at all.”

@aaj, @yoshi, @syawal-bakti, @admin_landasan, @jhon, we are looking into this issue and will get back to you once it’s resolved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.