Restricting a user to be able to download data which pertain to their country

Hello. Can this same process be applied to downloading only other select data? For example, I am involved in a multi-country project and would like to instruct “data viewers” on how to only download data which pertain to their country. An initial question in the survey is the country the respondent is in. Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Adaptation_Forest! Maybe you could do the following to accomplish what you wish:

  • Share you project as outlined in this support article Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions. You could limit the enumerators with a certain district (geographical area) at this pooint.
  • Then provide row level permissions as outlined in this support article Row-Level Permissions to those supervisors/users who should be able to download the data for the shared project (for that particular district or geographical area).
  • Start data collection. Data can also be submitted to the server at this phase.
  • Once all of the above has been done, the user provided access to certain permissions shall be able to download the data that is available within their Data>Table.

P.S. note that this will only be possible for those data which has been shared from the start. Sharing a project at the middle of the survey and trying to download only that shared portion is not supported.

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Thank you for the thoughts and ideas. It seems like the methods you have shared work in the context of data collection via KoboCollect or individual browsers that have signed into a Kobo account with “add submissions” rights. Unfortunately nearly all data collection takes place with Enketo web forms and most often with links shared via text/whatsapp where the user doesn’t sign into any account (signing in would be an added layer of complexity best avoided). Is there a way restrict downloadable data in such a context? I saw from the original post I replied to that there was a way to accomplish this in relation to submission date, but not through a UI. Would a similar option be available here? Thank you!