Restricting choice duplication for single selection questions in repeated groups

Hello everyone,
I am currently building the following survey:
1- Select project manager name (select one);
2- Select project (select one);
3- Select an area of work covered by the project (select one);
4- Then for the area of work selected few questions will be asked in relation to it;
5- When all questions in relation to that area of work are answered, then using “Repeat group” the project manager can add other areas of work for the same project or areas of work for a different project that he/she is managing.
Thus, my question is how can I the restrict the choice of an area of work for the same project twice? (See below example for clarification)

Question1: Project Manager Name
1- Dany
2- Elie

Question2: Choose a project that you are managing
1- Project 1
2- Project 2
3- Project 3

Question3: Choose an are of work covered under this project
1- Area 1
2- Area 2
3- Area 3

So how can I restrict Dany (for example) from choosing the combination of “project 1, area 1” twice?
P.S: Noting that I am not using XLS forms, I am building the form in Kobo toolbox directly.
Thank you for the support!

Hi @Chrystelle.R, Welcome to the community
I think you need “Cascading Select”, Please see the following article:

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Thank you @MohammedTaleb. However, creating the questions was not the issue, I think it is a validation criteria issue. I need the project managers to be able to select the projects (one at a time) and an area of work for which several questions need to be answered. Then the project manager can select the same project but a different area of work. I just need to restrict the project manager from selecting the same area of work for a specific project twice, while the group of questions is repeated.

@Chrystelle.R, so you mean an enumerator should also be able to select the project manager’s name once?

Hello @Kal_Lam, actually the enumerator can select the project manager’s name more than once as a manager might be handling several projects simultaneously. I don’t want to limit the choices of answers (for projects or areas of work), but rather validating that the enumerator does not accidentally select the same area of work for a specific project twice. Also, the enumerator should be able to select the same project twice, since several areas of work might be under one project. I hope this is clear, if not I would be happy to provide more information. Thank you.

Hello @Chrystelle.R
Hint: Logically this seems a hierarchical structure:
1st repeat level: Project

  • maybe with questions on project level

2nd repeat level: Area.

  • with questions on area level.

This would be a 2nd repeat group inside a first repeat group (nested repeat).