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Dear Community,

I would like to create my own message after respondent submit the form. I mean I would like to change " Thank you for your participating" to be my own message. How can do that?

Many thanks.

Welcome to the community, @Vieng! This is a message generated by the system. Hence, you do not have the space to edit it. However, if you wish to edit this at your end, you could use a self-hosted version of KoboToolbox.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

In case my company has a license user of KoboToolbox, that means I could do that? if so, it is possible for you to share the step how to do that. Many thanks.

Welcome @Vieng,
If this message is your only problem, I would suggest NOT to go for own-hosted server, especially as new KoBo user.

As workaround you may add an own final note, at the end of your form.

If you are uskng Enketo and single-submission there is the option to redirect to a following URL which could provide such an own “message”.

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