Reusing the same CSV file on new forms

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A while ago i setup a form, and in one of the dropdown questions, the answers are provided from a CSV file that is located in the Media folder. It has worked fine so far.

Now I’m setting up a second and a third form. And since one of the dropdown questions in these new forms, is exactly the same as the first original form, I would like to use the same CSV file to provide the answers.

Since the CSV file will have to be manually updated from time to time, it would be helpful if we just had to worry about 1 upload and not 2 or 3. Not that it’s a big effort, but it just reduces the chances of forgetting, and keeps it centralized.

I have read before that this is possible. But I can’t remember how. Can you point me in the right direction ?

@ivanradisson, maybe you could use the same CSV file multiple times by uploading the CSV file for all three projects and deploying them. Or, if this does not support it, you could also rename the CSV file and then use it for all three projects.

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Sure, i understand this possibility. But i was thinking if i can avoid it.

How ?

Suppose you have a CSV file with the filename CSV. Then you could rename it to CSV_1 for the first project, CSV_2 for the second project, and CSV_3 for the third project instead of using the CSV filename for all the three projects.

I’m afraid i’m not following you @Kal_Lam

In my case, the CSV file is exactly the same for all 3 forms in Kobo Toolbox.
My original question is about uploading the CSV file only once (say, to the first form) and reuse it on the second and third form. [I know i can upload the same file, to each form, and in fact its what i just did, but at the same time, I’m trying to understand if there’s another way]

I was wondering if this is possible somehow through the “Connect Projects” feature.

@ivanradisson, the Connect Projects is a feature to connect the entries made from one form to another. This does not take into considerations using the values from the CSV file.

Similarly, you will only be able to use the media files of the project from it’s respective project. This is why you will need to upload the media files for each projects.


I’ve uploaded the CSV values file to each project.

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