revising ODK xforms in KoBo


I’m new to this forum but am familiar with the various components of ODK. I have an xform built using ODK Build that I’d like to make changes to. I uploaded the xml file to KoBo ( made some minor changes, and saved the file to my PC. However, Aggregate fails to upload the file, with error message (“Error: Problem with JavaRosa Parsing Form: Javarosa failed to construct a FormDef. Is this an XForm definition?”). When I run the file through ODK Validate I get the error shown in the attached file “KoBo problem1.txt”. So, the problem seems to be the format of the title line (<h:title ref=“jr:itext(‘crcrpubproviderV2’)”>crcrpubproviderV2</h:title>). I changed this to the same format of my other forms (<h:title>crcrpubproviderV2</h:title>). This seems to work but then validate then picks up a duplicate bind id error as shown in the attached file “KoBo problem2.txt”. Now I’m stuck. I’ve also attached the xml file downloaded form KoBo. Looking at the form, it seems to me that Kobo has replaced my relevant attributes with “visible”, data names have been duplicated, and the question fields have disappeared. I’ve attached the 2 error files and the xform that now has problems, in case anyone is willing to look into this for me and tell me what happened or what I’m doing wrong. I would appreciate any help.



crcrpubproviderV2.xml (6.04 KB)

KoBo problem1.txt (3.85 KB)

KoBo problem2.txt (3.65 KB)