[row : 52] Badly formatted table list, list names don't match: treat-level vs. vf7yj48

Dear All,
The above error prevents deploying my form. It is surprising that it takes one list_name and compares it to the immediately following one. When I removed the question referring to the list name complained about, the error moves to the next list name and compares to the one following it.

I have to reach out on this topic again because I have read solutions to similar posts as above, but none seems to have solved the problem:

I have double checked my list names - I have the same list names in the choices sheet as in the survey sheet,
and I have also recreated those parts of the form creating the problem through “build from scratch” directly online, still same error.

Is there anyone out there who has been able to solve this problem?

Dear Users,

I finally found the solution to this particular problem as it applies to my case.

  1. The troublesome select_questions were all under a repeat_group
  2. I defined the appearance of the repeat_group as “table-list”
  3. The system probably expect all select_question choices will be of same length, but they are widely different, one had 3 choices, another has about 8, etc
  4. I realized every other repeat sections where I used “table-list” for appearance had only one select_question, so those sections had no problems with the list_names
  5. By removing the definition of the appearance as “table-list” from where I had multiple select_question and leaving it blank, the problem is immediately resolved.

So anyone having this problem should probably check for these as part of their troubleshooting.


@elvis_pooplogg, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: