Row Level Permissions Problem

Trying to setup and test the feature of Row Level Permissions i see a total different screen than the one described in online manual

Mine is the following

and as you can see nothing is similar to the for in the manual …

Something very interesting happened … but i do not know what is it…

Let me inform you also that we run in our own server in docker … with the following versions

Thanks in advance

Hi @ppapadatosgr,

Seems like you are using KoBoToolbox on your own server instead of one that is available publicly through OCHA server or HHI server. FYI please be informed that some features including the row level permissions (which are available on the OCHA server or the HHI server) are not updated and available on the server you are currently using (KoBoToolbox installed on your own server). KoBoToolbox will be releasing the updated version of the same soon where you shall be able to use the missing features that is not present which is present in OCHA and HHI server.

Hope this was helpful.

Have a great day!

Hi again,

Do you know anything about timeline of the new release for own server KoboToolbox…

Where can i find instructions of how to upgrade ??


Hi @ppapadatosgr,

Don’t exactly know on when the next release will be out which should support the row level permissions. However, when released, it gets announced here in the community page. Hence, please keep visiting our page to get updated on the same.

Have a great day!

Thanks for your time… Kal_Lam

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