Running larger project

I am representing Safety Nets Project in Sri Lanka. We have decided to use the KoboCollect tool to collect 4.2 million Household data. I need to clarify few major things before start the new data collection.

  1. Can we create 5000 user accounts for users for same project?
  2. What is the server capacity you can provide for this large project (Record will collect 500GB data Minimum)
  3. Can we download all data set upter collecting without any server failure?
    4.If there is any bugs or update how do you support while running the project?
  4. Do you have any recommendation for Hardware (Mobile ) for smooth running?
  5. We are going to use both offline and online for the same project.Id there any issues for larger data collection project?
  6. What is the limitation for the Kobo collect for this type of project?

Welcome to the community, @yenupul! Could you also let us know the tentative time when you are starting this project? We will get back to you with specific answers to the queries you have made soon.