Same code values in 'select many' -> data loss?

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After completion of a large-scale phone survey using Kobo (KoboCollect on Tablets), we discovered that the dummy variable corresponding to one of the options of a ‘select many’ question is empty for all respondents. However, we know that this does not correspond to the data that was entered. Upon reviewing the form, we noted that two options of that question have the same code value (see screenshot below). Since we didn’t touch the code values when creating the form, it seems like Kobo created these identical codes itself.

Two questions arise:

  • Is this a (potentially pretty consequential) bug? Also, should the form builder not assure that no two values can have the same code? Or is there a ever a scenario where two options should have the same code?
  • In the data that we gathered, does this mean that electing either one of the options (or both), has resulted in a 1 in the dummy of the first of the two options (i.e. collapsing the answers of both into one)? From the data, this appears to have happened, as the dummy for the second option is empty.

Many thanks for your help!

Hi @vonengelhardt,

Would you mind sharing with us the following (through a private message) so that we could have a look at our end:

  • Username
  • Server
  • Project name

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Hi @vonengelhardt,

I closely observed your survey project and came to know that it had a total of 4 successful deployments.

I could observe that the problem with the duplicate value label was made on the third redeployment i.e. on 2nd June 2020 (as it was fine till the second redeployment). This means that the data for this variable collected after 2nd June 2020 should be missing. You should however have the data for this variable collected before 2nd June 2020.


Have a great day!

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Dear Kal Lam,

Many thanks for looking into this! I much appreciate you taking the time to figure out what happened here.
We will be watchful for duplicated value labels in the future.

Best wishes,