Save Images to Camera Roll

Hello, I am new to KoBo Toolbox and just completing my first form; all going well!
Hello to all!
I was wondering if someone could perhaps offer me some guidance as to if there was a way to save images that are taken with the form “image” question /camera directly to the cameral roll instead of or in addition to them being saved in the form and uploaded?
We will need to take quite a few pictures and as we have access to pc’s would find it easier (and quicker) to upload them locally compared to uploading them over the internet.
Thanking you for any help or guidance, I look forward to working with you.

Hi @datacollector,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind explaining us a bit more on Camera Roll that you are referring to.

Generally if you have a Image Question in KoBoToolbox you should be able to click a picture and submit them in the KoBoToolbox server. At the same time if you have a File Question you should be able to upload an image/doc or anything that is in your device (mobile or PC).

Have a great day!

Hello, Thank you for your very quick response, what I mean by camera roll is the default location that an image taken with the camera (phone), is stored in if you take a photo with your phone; I use iphone, so they refer to it as the “gallery”. As you state, if you have an image question in KoBoToolbox, you click a picture and submit it to the server. I would, if possible prefer to not submit them to the server, but add them to the “Gallery”.
This will reduce upload time and storage space required.
I am sorry if I did not explain things clearly, I hope this clarifies what I am hoping to do. Thank you again for your response.

Hi @datacollector,

Seems like you are using Enketo aka web-form to collect image question type for your survey. I assume you were able to capture the image and send it through the form. If you haven’t you should be able to do it by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Open the survey form in Enketo.
  • Go to the image question. There you should see a box which allows you to upload a file. Select the box. It will take you to a gallery where you are able to upload images from the device. At the same time you should also see a small camera icon which should allow you to take an image through a camera.
  • Take the picture as you wish (here through the camera).

But it seems that you do not wish to upload a picture from the gallery or take a camera and send it to the server along with the survey form:

So my concern here is if you do not send the image along with the filled up form, how would you identify image taken for the respective filled up form.

Maybe you could lower the image size by changing the setting of the question:

Have a great day!

Hello, Yes you are right I can do as you explain, but, I would prefer to take the picture as you first describe and as you say, NOT upload it to the server. We can identify which images go with each survey by using the reference numbers and image properties (time etc.) as well as a visual indicator included in each “set” of images assigned to each survey.
I appreciate we could reduce the resolution but require high resolution image where possible, so as mentioned would prefer to save them locally if possible and not upload them, do you know anyway this could be achieved. Thank you

Hi @datacollector,

In this case, the solution seems pretty easy then. My solution for your issue would then be:

  • Fill up the form (which should not include image question type. Save it after completing.
  • Close Enketo Form.
  • Take picture (not from survey) and save it in gallery.

Note: If you take picture from Enketo you will need to send them along with the survey form but if you take them separately after/before the data collection you could simply save them in your gallery.

Hope i was able to respond to your query.

Have a great day!

Hello, Thank you for your response, I had considered that but using the app helps to ensure the required pictures are taken, I also considered putting “prompts” or reminder “notes” at the appropriate section between the questions as a reminder but still involves “keystrokes” close or switching between apps and the camera. I would have preferred just the straight forward option to save the images locally from within the app but take it that this is not possible.

Thank you again, I appreciate your help, and will see how it goes.

Best regards.

Hi @datacollector,

Unfortunately what you are asking for is virtually impossible. You cannot collect a question and select not to upload it to the server. The system is not designed to work that way.

You are only left with two options which would still not do what you want.

Option 1: Remove the image question type from your survey form and redeploy. You should not see the image question for your survey form.

Option 2: If you do not wish to remove the question from your survey form you could also make the image question option so that you could simply skip it (where you do not need to take the image).

The last option would be to create a form that is separate for documenting the images and never submit this form at all.

Have a great day!