School enrollment monitoring; update of the single form

Is it possible to be able to update one and the same form periodically?
Indeed, I collect periodical data on school enrollment, provided by each school principal on a monthly basis. In the process, I wanted them to update the form deducted for this every month, without having to fill in a new form.
In January the number of pupils is 50
In February, they go from 50 to 60; so a difference of 10 new students.
How do you fill in the new value in the same single kobo form in February so that they can update on their own in Power Bi, to see the progress and facilitate analysis and decision making?
Thank you

Hi @esy_cari2020
What you are looking for is not supported by the system. However, if you structure this differently you can use pull data functionality. You may have to make additional adjustments on your forms and CSV files every month.


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