Score not calculating for variables that are 0

Hi, calculations where a value higher than zero are calculating, and the score is reflected in the notes. However, I noticed fi I selected an option for which a response wasn’t being scored, the total score in Tier 1 was not showing. I then went and wrote calculations to return zeros if those responses are selected. However, the Tier 1 score is not displaying in the note. Can you look at the highlighted calculations and tell me if the expressions are written correctly, and why a total score is not showing please?

Score not showing.xlsx (24.7 KB)

Hi @scherrie,

Have a look at the use of coalesce that i have used in the attached xlsfrom. It should work now.

Reference xlsfrom:
Score not showing.xlsx (25.1 KB)

Have a great day!

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I see that you had two calculations highlighted in peach (rows, 12, 23, 34 76), was there something wrong there