Scoring and selection

Hello all,
I have a question regarding scoring in KOBO, i have set some selection criteria to select benefeciaries.
i designed attached file.
I have inserted this if statment to calulation fields if(${lack_of_water}=‘gas’,5,0)+if(${lack_of_water}=‘water’,5,0),
both if are working properly with me, but it cannot sum both IF valuse to gether. how can i use two if to do sumition for me

Welcome to the community @123456! Would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community? This should help the community help you with your issue.

Besides, is ${lack_of_water} a select_one or a select_multiple question type?

Calc01.xlsx (12.5 KB)
Here is the attachment,

if(${cu5}>2,5,0) and if(${cu5}>3,3,0) i want both if are working with me in the same cell,

if(${lack_of_water}=‘gas’ or ${lack_of_water}=‘water’,5,0) in that condition i want to insert “gas”+“warveen and revert back score 10 not 5 or zero, it means using multichoice tick both selection.
Thank you in advance to help me !”

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Sorry, could not still understand your requirement. Could you kindly brief it so that we could help you out. Try explaining it as clearly as possible so that we provide you the precise solution.

Hi @123456
You have an interesting username that can be easily flagged as a spam :thinking:

I would use relativity logic to determine which one should come first. In this case

if (${cu5}>3,3,(if(${cu5}>2,5,0)))

Now, this is rather confusing. Do you mind typing this in a numbered step approach with as much detail as possible. Kindly do not hesitate to post this in any other language you are most comfortable with.


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