search based on library tags not returning correct results

Hello all,

I have spent time developing a question library for my organisation, including tagging each library entry with a variety tags to allow for easier searching.

When I filter for a tag (either in the Library section of the Beta interface, or in Form Builder in the Library function), not all the questions appear that are tagged with the corresponding tag.

For example, if I filter for a tag “shelter”, I expect to get four library entries. Instead, only three appear. I identified questions that did not appear when filtering for certain tags, and removed all tags for that question and reapplied them, but this had no effect.

I created a full table to compare which tags appeared on which library entries, and then highlighted the entries when a library entry appears when filtering for a tag. There does not appear to be a consistent pattern. Some library entries do not appear ever, when filtering for their tags. Some appear when filtering for approximately half their tags. Others appear for each of the relevant tags.

Has anyone had any experience of this?

With best regards,