Seeing Server Error (500)!


I am having the same problem but I do not see any error in my code. I have also uploaded on the ODK validator and there is no error in the code, and yet I keep having the error

Server Error (500)

I am using the server

Welcome to the community, @mariannetouma! Could you also let the community know when you get this error message? Do you get it when you upload your XLSForm to the server or deploy it? These details should be helpful for the community to troubleshoot.


The error only shows in the “report” tab in Data
There is no error when we upload the form or deploy it, and there is no error on the ODK validator

We would like to be able to see the report for the data collected if possible

thank you!

@mariannetouma, as a quick check, could you download the XLSForm of this project and deploy it as a new dummy project and make a dummy submission to see if the same happens there too?