Segregation Data by submitted language


I made a survey in different languages, but one of the languages set have different options in one of the questions than the other two languages, is there anyway that I can recognize and segregate the data set by the submitted language accordingly

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Hi @arahi,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly show us a screenshot of the language that you have and a dummy picture of what you wish to segregate. Would like to have a closer look before responding to your situation.

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I am looking for way to recognize the language used for entries. and to deal which with each group differently in the data analysis process.

Hi @arahi,

Is this something what you have been requesting for. You could download the dataset by filtering the language as shown in the image below:

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Hi @wroos,

Do you mean, you wish to see some questions (say Q1 to Q5) in English and some questions (say Q6 to Q10) in a different language?

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a bit more. Get the information during data entry which language is currently active.


  • Show Q1 in EN and Q4 in AR. This could be done, by putting different language in same “language” label column.
  • We use a mixture, Different EN and AR labels for question label (:en and ::ar columns) and only (copied) EN texts for hints, messages etc. (going to the enumerator).
  • If you mix languages with different alignments, the system will take ONE alignment, based on your general KoBo language setting and the specific Form language setting. For ex. all select choice buttons will be left OR right aligned.

many thanks for your support.

The option you explained is to download the whole data set but to change the header with certain language,

What I am looking for, is to have 2 different datasets. one for those entries when the submission made in certain language and other for the those who submitted in other language, for example if we have 10 entries In French and 12 in English, I wanted to have two excel sheets, one for 10 entries and do the analysis for it, and one for 12 entries and do the analysis accordingly.


Hi @arahi,

Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox does not support this feature at the moment. Would you mind adding a new feature request that could solve the issue here.

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