Select_multiple shows choice name instead of label in Enketo on Android


The widget of a select_multiple choice is different on Enketo Android, showing the name (code) of the choices instead the label. And it is rather different to Enketo MS Windows and to Collect.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload and deploy XLSForm
    MultipleChoice_AsCode01.xlsx (15.0 KB)

  2. Open and walk trough the form in Enketo MS Windows

  3. Open and walk trough the form in Enketo Android (e.g. smartphone)

  4. Open and walk trough the form in ODK Android (e.g. smartphone)

Expected behavior

Labels should be shown (NOT names). Codes (internal names) are normally NOT shown to the user.

Esp. for minimal appearance and read-only widget might be optimized for Enketo Android.
Widgets should be, please, as similar as possible between the 3 form versions, as we have projects/ users using them in parallel

Actual behavior

  1. Enketo MS Windows (or Online validator)
    And with drop-down opened

  1. Enketo Android - shows name of choice (instead of label)

And another field with multiple selection

  1. Collect (ODK, Android)

Additional details

ODK v2022 1.0
Samsung Android 11, Firefox 96.0.3 (64 bits), MS Windows 10

The issue is not dependent of other field attributes, like required, read-only etc.

Side-note: We use a select_multiple type (instead of a possible select_one here) for the second field with simple age group calculation to optimize the later data download for statistical analysis. And we do not use a calculation, as we want to show the group and get a select type in the submitted (and exported) data.

@martijnr pinging you here for your insights on this.

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Hi @wroos, where you ever able to find a way around this?

I have come across the same issue and the only workaround I could come up with, eventually, was to write names that approximate the labels. It’s not ideal, but I’m hoping it will confuse people responding on Android / Enketo less.



Hello @jcastello
sorry, no news so far. Maybe @Kal_Lam or @martijnr can help here?