Select-one choice preselected by previous choice

Hi - and thank you for a lot of good and relevant solutions.

I have a case where the user will select (select_one_from_file)

  • Provins
  • district
  • community
  • facility (name)
  • Facility number
  • facility type

The are all stored in csv files and uploaded to the tool.

A provins will have one or many districts
A district will have one or many communities
A community will have one or many facilities

BUT one facility has only ONE facility number (and facility type)

it looks like this:

When the inspector has chosen the Facility name the correct facility number and facility type is displayed. Now he just need to “select” the two values.

My question is:

Can the choice for facility number and facility type be autofilled, so the inspector does not have to select the value?

@steen_andersen, I have a concern regarding your query. If you have only 1 option suitable for a certain district, province, or so on, then why would you like to keep those options in the questions when it is already there by default?

BTW, you could always prefill a select one question type as outlined in this post discussed previously:

we have 9,000 facilities - many facilities for one community.
For reporting purposes I would like to have both the

  • name of the facility
  • number of facility
  • type of facility

In the original table the information is taken from - each facility is “one line” having name, id and type as each one column!

I have solved the issue by adding all the information into one string so when the inspector selects the facility, he/she also selects the id and type of facility. Then I will split this information later for reporting purposes.

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