Select_one_from_file issue with the latest update

I am using select_one_from_file for one year, but since the lasted update, now I can not use it. After deploying the form and uploading the CSV files to the server from the Media section, the Enketo load the form correctly the first time, but after that it throughs an error (Image is attached):

And the forms are not downloading to ODK Collect android application as well and throwing an error (Image is attached)

It is worth mentioning that the previous forms I deployed before the latest update, are all working and downloading to the Android application.

Did you upload your CSV file and then deploy/redeploy? The workflow now is as follows:

  • Create your survey form (from form builder UI or upload them from xlsform).
  • Upload CSV file.
  • Deploy/Redeploy (if needed)

Thanks for the response.
I deployed the form then uploaded the CSV files. In the previous versions, the media tab was hidden until the form is not deployed.
I think the procedure is changed. Now I uploaded the CSV files before deploying, and it worked.


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Thank you for confirming @esmatullaharifi!