Select one with comments

just creating a new form which initially was created in word - tried to convert to xls which didnt work so building a new form from scratch but how could i replicate this?

thanks in advance

i’ve created the select one option but how do i add a comments bit?

word form

form preview in kobo toolbox

id like to be able to put three questions in a row too that im currently trying to figure out too alongside changing date format to dd-mm-yyyy

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Hi @kh1, you can use Question Matrix Response Type — KoboToolbox documentation to achieve that look.

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thank you, can i change the layout though to make it look as above at all?


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Even there is not an option in Form Builder, you can do it in XLSForm.

What you need to do is change the appearance of the relevant select_one question to:

  • w2 quick-compact

:thinking: will try

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looking better, don’t see how i can get rid of the 5 ##### now :thinking:

getting there

need to replicate this now

thank you

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@kh1, please also be informed that the grid-theme is only compatible with Enketo. It may get distorted in the Collect android app.

i think we will be rolling this out with the url page being bookmarked on users phones would that make a difference? so the kf.kobo link to access and fill in forms?

Enketo refers to collecting data with web forms. So it seems like you are using the perfect tool. Good luck!

thank you, i just need a few more issues ironed out and this tool will be perfect for my company

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