Selection only allows ‘Online-Offline (multiple submission)’ option in Collect Data under Forms tab

Up until later today the way to share the form for different ways of data collection worked great and I could select different options and also generated url links were different. Later today the only thing that stays selected is Online - Offline (multiple submissions) and I can not select anything else. Same problem on both of my accounts.

Welcome back to the community, @RKSadmin! I checked this out in both the servers i.e. HHI as well as the OCHA and it worked as it should at my end.

BTW, have you gone through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms? It should explain you out how to achieve this.

If you are still having this issues, could you change your browser and use some modern one like the Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.? Maybe changing the browser should also help you resolve the issue?

Tested it again today and it works again, so probably an update glitch of the browser or something. Continue the good work and have a nice day.



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