Sent forms have not reached server

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with one of my projects. In the ‘View sent form’ there are form that have not been received by the server. They are not deleted from the app yet, and I can still scroll through the form but I cannot edit or submit.

I have checked and there are no other projects deployed, there are no forms in ‘Edit saved forms’ or ‘Send Finalized Form’. The View sent form was set to 0 (zero) before starting data collection.

I have checked that the app was connected to the right account, and to the right form (not a test form). The phone has been connected to the internet.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks so much,

Welcome to the community @MariskaZee! Could you mind checking out if the submissions collected through the Collect android app has already reached the server. Please note that if it has already reached the server, you should see a similar trace of the total number of submissions that has been sent to the server. These submissions are not editable nor can it be resent to the server. It’s just a record of the submissions that were collected through the device. You could reset to zero if you confirm that the data has already reached the server.

Hi Kal,

Thanks so much for your answer. I do not see the submissions in the data set; I have looked at the data collected for the project, and I do not see the missing forms (I checked for the date and submission time). Is there another way I can check whether they have reached the server?


Could you share with us a screenshot of your issue. Maybe that would be helpful.

Is the date/time & time zone correct on the phone which sent?
You can also check e.g. with the deviceid or the instance_name (visible in View sent on the device also)…

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