Server Error (500) on form deployment

Dear Community

I have developed a survey in XLForm and deployed it quite well. Then I made a change to the form to include a data capture matrix within the form. When I replaced the form, it got replaced very well but on redeploying it, it’s giving me the error as in the subject line. Would you kindly help me how to overcome this. Further, I would like you to help me how to include data capture matrices in the form but data will be collected on tablets and smartphones. Attached is the XLForm and Questionnaire in MS Word.

Your help is greatly appreciated in advance


Welcome to the community, @ctmukhala! Maybe you could validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues.

Welcome @ctmukhala,
What do the exactly mean with matrix here?
Real matrix format (more then one question per line) is only possible on Webform (Enketo), but not with Android devices (smartphone, tablet). See Help Center article, please: Question Matrix Response Type — KoboToolbox documentation.

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