Setting default value based on selected value of previous question in repeated group

I have baseline data of population survey in csv format. I need to do Updation round for that population. So, in Updation round form, I need baseline data in that form. While creating the xls form, there is variable unitid which is household uniqueid. In unitid, individuals residing have unique id by the variable name personuniqueid. I am sharing a part of my update round form, in which facing an issue.

Issue- I have created a repeated group, in which I have filtered the personuniqueid based on choice filter of unitid(which is outside repeated group). But I am unable to pull data of each individual (like name, dob, gender) based on selected personuniqueid. I want to pull data of each individual when i select personuniqueid in repeat roster.

Kindly help me to find a solution for this.
Uniqueid_pull.xlsx (19.2 KB)

Welcome to the community, @dr_piyush! Please be informed that the dynamic data attachment does not support the repeat group yet.