Settings (mandatory question) not saving

I am working on a form that I have already created, and it is not registering changes that I am making to the settings. I select “Yes” under the “mandatory question” setting, save, close the form, and then it is toggled back to “No” when I open it up again. Does anyone know if there is a bug or if there is something that I might be doing wrong? I’ve done this hundreds of times (though not in the past year), and never had this issue before.


Update: Resolved by using Chrome instead of Explorer.

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Hi @Stevedipan,

Welcome to the community! Have you ensured to click the SAVE button after making changes to the Mandatory Response from No to Yes as shown in the image below:

If you have missed this out, it should work now.

Thanks for checking on that. I was making sure to click Save, and was getting the “Successfully saved” pop-up message at the bottom-left of my screen.

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Thanks @Stevedipan for the updates and letting the community know that Chrome was the solution for your issue. GOOD DAY!