Several API endpoints down?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to download results of questionnaires (as .xlsx or .json) but the API endpoint is not working anymore.

This HTTP-call did the trick:

But it is not working anymore since yesterday:


Does anyone have similar problems? Is there a workaround? This is blocking is from managing data collection, so I hope to have somekind of answer to this issue…

Have a nice day!

This looks like a transient error that could’ve happened due to maintenance or capacity issues. Are you still seeing the problem? Which other API endpoints are down? Thanks for the report!

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I noticed the API endpoint to download the data in JSON format is fine. CSV and XLSX are problematic. I don’t use other endpoints so far so that is pretty much all the information I can give?

When are you expecting this to be fixed again?

The trouble is that I can’t reproduce the problem, so I can’t work on fixing it :cry:

@staff can start a private conversation with you to get the actual details of your project (the x-ed out part) so that we can test your case specifically.

In the interim, when you receive this 502 error, what happens if you go to Do you also receive a 502, or do you see a page with the heading “KoBo Api”?