Shared users can't see the form

Shared users can’t see the forms they have been given permission to view and submit in get blank form. Even though they have been added and their usernames are visible in the share project tab.

Welcome to the community, @jawadkhalid7! Do you mean they cannot see the blank forms in the Collect android app?

The users cannot submit forms in send finalized form even though they have been given access in the Share project tab.

Yes. I gave access to a few users for a particular form but they can’t see it in the get blank form tab.

So i see you have 2 different issues:

  • 1 with submitting the data to the server form your KoBoCollect android app.
  • 2 with getting blank forms in a shared user account

Are these the issues you are trying to seek support for?

Yes and also the added users in the shared project tab keep disappearing. Their access keeps getting revoked.

What is the total number of users with whom you have shared your project with?

More than a 100 in some projects

Hi Kal
Can you please help ? :sos:

Could you provide us the exact figure so that we could validate this issue with the other that has also been reported in the community?

79 in one project. Newly added users can’t see the form

Can you please resolve this issue?

Could you remove the sharing permissions and then re-assign it again to see if this should solve the issue?

Tried that. Didn’t work out.
Can you please resolve this issue at the earliest?
Data is stuck in your servers and can’t reach us as users can’t submit forms.

And this too

@jawadkhalid7, are you the admin of this project or is someone else the admin for this project?

I’m not the admin

In this case, could you request your admin to provide you the Add submission sharing permission for your user account. It seems like your account should only have the View Submission sharing permission.

I’m the owner of the project. However I hadn’t given “Add submission” permission to the users and hence they couldn’t submit the forms.

Thank you so much for providing a useful lead. Really appreciate it.

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Thank you for confirming, @jawadkhalid7!