Sharing Project and Managing Permissions Issues

We have secured our project by sharing the same with our field enumerators with separate log in id and passwords. They are also successful in sending the data with KoboCollect app. But problem is that I am unable to visualize their submission in data table form. Also it is shown as β€˜0’ submission to me.


Pls suggest ASAP

Hi @panirbms21 and welcome to the community!

Do other users can see their submissions or is it showing β€œ0” to them too?

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yes they can see their submission in their registered account

@panirbms21, Can you check if they clone your form and upload to it by mistake?

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no no they haven’t done this

@panirbms21, are you the admin of this project or did someone share the project with you?

We found that the issue was that the surveyors were in fact uploading to their own copies of the survey instead of that shared with them from this (the admin account).

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Yes we the Admin

Thank you @panirbms21, for sharing the solution with the entire community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: