Skip Logic and system glitches


thank you so much for all your help with the pervious problems but now we are facing a major problem with the skip logic. I have entered the skip logic for all the necessary questions but at times despite deploying the form my skip logic suddenly stops working on the submission screen. this is a huge problem. yesterday morning it was working fine and then by noon it had stopped.

I also would like to ask about a new error that has appeared when trying to access the preview or submission. this error unlike the last does not stop me from accessing the preview or the submission but it warns me to seek help by asking the kobo community about : RangeError: Invalid array length

Thank you!


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Hi @toexcelsara,

Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the issue you are having so that we better understand the issue. Besides, is it possible to share your xlsform with us so that we test it at our end and see where the issues is rooted.

Have a great day!

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