Skip logic doesn't automatically shown in KoboCollect

Hello,. i’m probably facing a problem same with an old thread here, but there is no answer there.
The skip logic usually automatically shown after selecting an answer refer to next question that applying skip logic, and it seems to work fine in web form, using any type of layout, but not in Android KoboCollect.
i’ve created a test form using this post from Kobo Support, and then grouping the question into the same screen. That’s where the problem arises. Without grouping, the skip logic works fine (which need me to swipe next to see the question), but with the group, the skip logic only shown if i swipe to next/back screen, or back to question list and click again at the question list. I wonder what happen, because it’s still work fine til 2 days ago… any suggestion?

Hello, when you are using a skip logic in grouping method on an Andriod that is the result you can get. But, on a Tablet or Windows it appears normal.

Thank you for reply Sir.
However, i’m Using Advan i7U and it’s a tablet. The form behaves normally until several days ago. I’m currently ignoring the issue and only grouping questions that doesn’t require skip logic, since it’s not affecting the data collections. and only need to swipe to make the logic works.
Thank you sir.


Hi @r4ndiel,

Went through the support article you shared User-Specified “Other” Responses For Multiple-Choice Questions. The support article (in between step 2 and 3) states:
“If using KoBoCollect app for data collection it’s important not to display the second text question in a group on the same screen as it would not be visible otherwise. That’s because Collect only shows questions on the same screen that are relevant at the moment the screen is first displayed. Just make sure to put it outside of the group when choosing to display multiple questions on the same screen. (When using Enketo Webforms this isn’t a problem as it dynamically shows questions once they become relevant)”.