Skip logic not working


The skip logic doesn’t seem to be working on Android phones, even though it’s displaying correctly in the form builder.

Anyone faced this problem before? Any suggestions?



Hi @Raghu,

Going over through this support article User-Specified “Other” Responses For Multiple-Choice Questions would help you.

If you go through the support article, you will see (in between step 2 and 3) the following: “If using KoBoCollect app for data collection it’s important not to display the second text question in a group on the same screen as it would not be visible otherwise. That’s because Collect only shows questions on the same screen that are relevant at the moment the screen is first displayed. Just make sure to put it outside of the group when choosing to display multiple questions on the same screen. (When using Enketo Webforms this isn’t a problem as it dynamically shows questions once they become relevant)”.