Skip not working for a group

Hola. He generado un formulario, el cual ya tiene todos las características necesarias. he aplicado logic of exclusion para el Inciso B y D y todo esta perfecto. Ahora bien no me funciona para el inciso C. Me gustaria me pudieran ayudar.

aXyVyqyW8QJ3JiMc5Dmd9X (1).xlsx (20.9 KB)

Hi @cchacon,

Looking at row 56 (survey tab) of your xlsform i see that you have used ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'pecuarios' and ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'agr_colas_y_pe' expression under the relevant column for a select_one question type. Kindly please be informed that select_one question type cannot select 2 choices simultaneously from a list of choices . Thus if you try using the or instead of the and you have been using it could solve your issue assuming that the question will be selected if ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'pecuarios' or if ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'agr_colas_y_pe'.

Thus, the recommended expression for row 56 (survey tab) would be ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'pecuarios' or ${Indique_si_es_proveedor_de_pro} = 'agr_colas_y_pe'.

Besides, there was also one mismatch for the end_group within your xlsform. Having fixed that it has worked now.

Modified xlsform:
aXyVyqyW8QJ3JiMc5Dmd9X (Modified).xlsx (22.4 KB)

Have a great day!

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