SOS **Lost sent forms**

We’ve realize that one of my coordinators is sending forms and they don’t appear in my data, I don’t know why is this, I’ve told him to look if the forms are in queue but they’re not, he tells me that he even saw the message “Form Sent”. I’m very worried, he even used two different devices, and the other submissions appear to be fine.

Hi @analucia_espinoza,

Please be informed that we have stored the information you have provided previously and have edited your post as to make your account secure.

Apart from the information provided, would you also mind proving us with additional information:

  • Browser you are using (if possible the browser version as well)
  • OS the device use

Have a great day!

We solved it! Thank you anyway

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could you share, HOW you solved it, please?

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We send them again, not really “solved” the issue, but we were in a hurry!

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Dear Analucia
how could you send again, normally you can only send a filled (and finalised) form once, i think?
Best regards

Hello wroos!
We refilled another form with the same information