Start time changed after the interview?


I have a challenge with interpreting the automatically captured start-time of the interview. In my understanding, this variable basically captures the time, the quesitonnaire was opened for the first time. We get a lot of submissions now, in which that time is days after the reported date of the coaching visit.
First I thought, the enumerators are just either filling in the questionnaire later or misreporting the dates of the interview. but now I also found some datasets, in which the Start time and date is actually after the end time and date of the interview and I am struggeling to make sense out of this. So my question:
Is there any case in which the automatically captured start time would change afterwards e.g. when re-opening the questionnaire?
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Welcome back to the community, @inga_s! Could you share with the community a screenshot of the issue so that the community should also be able to view your issue pictorially?

This might be possible, if the phone date/time have been configured wrong and changed.

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