Structuring of Survey Questionnaires (group, repeat, form, etc..)

Dear KoBo experts,
We are planning a detailed survey in selected refugee camps in East Africa.
The detailled questionnaire(s) will include at least 4 levels/modules:

  1. Household identification info, like location, id
  2. Household member roster
  3. Household questions, like water, energy, sanitary
  4. Individual questions (per member), like education level, work.

Design will be done with XLSForms.
The final integrated data sets will be exported and analysed in SPSS (and Excel partly). It must be possible to easily link individual data to household level data.
Questions and selection options etc. will be translated also in Arabic. So we will go with numeric names for selection lists, like 1 (name) = Yes (label), 2 = No.

Could you help, please, with the following questions for the KoBoCollect questionnaire design:

  1. How do we best structure and link these levels/modules with KoBoCollect (XLSForms)? One or multiple XLSForms? Repeating and question groups?
  2. How should “group” and “repeating” be used to optimize export and data integration for SPSS?
  3. Any other hints for optimal structuring?
  4. Maybe you can provide an advanced survey example/link/manual for good structuring?

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards